The Put In Byte LLC team was formed in 2012 as a team of like-minded people with the goal of providing consulting services in the field of business processes automation. Thanks to the team's experience and focus on results, the Company has won the trust of several large international companies, with which the company still works today. A coherent pricing model, highly qualified employees, allows you to conquer new markets and confidently face the future. The company has good experience in working with donors like ADB, EBRD, USAID, UNICEF (as a UNICEF Partner)


The company's mission is to provide advanced business technology principles based on the following principles: - Integrity in everything. The company follows the principle of full transparency of relations with partners. - Irreversibility of obligations. All tasks assigned to the company are performed on time in high quality,regardless of external conditions. To achieve the principles, the company is based on international standards for quality management and configuration management in projects - IS0 9000: 2000, 10005, 10006, 10007 etc. Put In Byte LLC is one of the leading IT companies in Kyrgyzstan. Experience in teaching teachers and librarians on ICT components since 2012.

We Simplify Software Development Process


We shape brands through
exploration, applying in
-depth research to
challenge assumptions at
every turn.


Our design approach is to
simplify. We embrace the
joy in creating something
unique that is easy for end


Using modern technologies,
we build with efficiency and
skill, creating flexible and scalable
business-driven solutions.


We take an iterative
approach to both our work
and our practice, always
looking for ways to improve
what we do.

Technologies we work with


Analysis of business processes of companies

Our specialists conduct a deep analysis of the client's current work forming layouts of the business structure and processes. Then they identify weaknesses and necessary changes to achieve the goals set by the business owners.

Technology Implementation

Relationship H Management (CRM) Software for organizations, designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (clients), in particular to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information and customer history and relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis of the results.

Payment systems

Automated cashless settlement systems or systems that transfer cash to non-cash.
Integration of banking
ABS, international payment systems.

Economic policy analysis

The company's experts in the field of accounting and audit conduct customer research to optimize and identify violations of the financial booking of clients.

Enterprise Content Management (ЕCM)

The company's specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of the client's current work, while forming models of the business structure and processes. Then they identify weaknesses and necessary changes to achieve the goals set by the business owners.

IP telephony (call centers)

Development of modern call centers at VolP and Asterisk base.

Mobile applications

I0S and Android apps


- A close-knit team of qualified like-minded people with extensive experience in successful projects.

- Commitment to client success.

- Transparent fixed pricing.

- Application of the best and best practices of world experience.

Avia companies

COVID-19 Update


An automated information system developed to combat the spread of Coronavirus in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and includes a set of programs and mobile applications required to carry out measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

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